Extending hybrid_auth addons


while testing Hybrid Auth, I find out that Hybrid Auth give error if you use changed host. what I mean by that is, the Hybrid Auth requires to setup on both(facebook and google tested) app settings the “Redirect_Uri_Mismatch” on their developer settings.

So, you can’t use in this case Hybrid Auth if you going to use subdomain addons like from @ecomlabs and @webkul have.

I have checked for some time the hybrid_auth addons and find out that it’s designed as that way. and also checked the marketplace for similar addon, but couldn’t find any.

asked AI and answer was using callbackurl develop addon to handle urls. and analyzed hybrid_auth addons again, did change some files and testing, and only could get it to call from root domain. but not working and asking from here.

let me explain with example; URL is https://ecomlab.whereareyou.com and clicking sign in with google. so I had changed smarty template and added prefix in to url. and also changed \hybrid_auth\process_config.php file. changed the array;

$config = array(
‘base_url’ => fn_url(‘auth.process’),
// if you want to enable logging, set ‘debug_mode’ to true then provide a writable file by the web server on “debug_file”
‘debug_mode’ => true,
‘debug_file’ => Registry::get(‘config.dir.var’) . ‘oauth.log’,

in to

$config[‘base_url’] = ‘https://whereareyou.com/index.php?dispatch=auth.process’ . “&city_id=” . CITY_ID;

with that now from https://ecomlab.whereareyou.com can be called. then gives app error. the error is very normal, because in the app setting, uri used https://whereareyou.com not like the https://ecomlab.whereareyou.com.

again, my question is, is there any addons for this situation? or how can I achieve my goal? is there anyone can redirect me how to handle/change code to it work?

and if someone willing to change the hybrid_auth addons, how much would charge for this?