Extended Feature Type Missing In V4

I’ve always used “Extended” Feature types in CS-Cart. But now in v4, there is no “Extended” Feature type. All the features I had defined as Extended in previous versions are included in as “Brands”.

Couldn’t CS-Cart have added a new type named “Brand/Manufacturer” instead of replacing an existing feature type (Extended) and breaking the current usage of the type?

Apparently the only thing you can apply Extended variants to now is Brands and Manufacturers - which is actually LESS functionality than previous versions had.

It also appears as though in v4 that I can only view the first 20 Brand/Manufacturers variants in the form. I have 40+ defined, but only the first 20 are selected. Administration “elements per page” is set at 40. There is no pagination, or Next/Previous buttons, or “items per page” value selection in the form like previous versions.

I'm also wondering about this. What happened to them?

Must have been top of the “user voice” list! :-)

The official answer is here:

product features - CS-Cart Community Forums

As for the second issue, please contact CS-Cart support team

Very very strange, the new name doesn’t make any sense.

I have another idea: most people use their car to drive to work, so let’s call a car “work” from now on? :-o

Go back in history and look at the justification for removing the “Manufacturer” as a product property and making it a generic product feature.

Entropy anyone?

If the type label still confuses you, just change the name of the “brand_type” language variable:

You're missing the point. It went from generic to specific for the same reason they made it generic to begin with.

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If the type label still confuses you, just change the name of the “brand_type” language variable:



The problem is not the label. The problem is that the NEW Brands block in CS-Cart v4, which is featured on the demo store's homepage, will select all the products with a feature type 'E'. Including the non-brand features that were set up as 'Extended' type features (with URLs and images and such) in v3.

Please support : http://forum.cs-cart.com/tracker/issue-5074-extended-features-problem/

Hi, and sorry to reopen this thread.

As far as I know, there has been no improvement in 4.3.2 neither in 4.3.3. Is it true?

Anyone managed to have more than one “brand” type featuure and handle them separately on the store (homepage blocks, “all brands” pages, product page,…)

I've supported and posted in the bug tracker link that Flow suggested, but with not much hope, to be honest,