Exporting Order and Shipping address Data to Excel

[font=“Arial”]We are automating our address label printing process and as per our Printing service provider, they need the printing data in CSV or Excel format. [/font][font=“Arial”]We need to export the following fields from the order data into a single excel file :[/font]

[font=“Arial”]Order Number, First Name, Last Name, Address Line 1, Address Line 2, City, Pincode, State, Country, Phone number, [/font][font=“Arial”]Product Name, Product Options, Qty. [/font]

We would appreciate any help or pointers on how to achieve this in Cs-cart V 3.0.2.

Admin>export>orders, select which fields you require and export awaaaaaay!.


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Admin>export>orders, select which fields you require and export awaaaaaay!.



Thanks John. I had already tried that option but it has to be done in 2 separate excel files. Also we are getting a lot of other unwanted data in the extra fields when we export the order items although we need only the Product name, Qty and the product options (from the extras fields) from the data. Would it be possible to write a simple script to achieve this and export the required data into a single excel file?

I'm also interested in being able to export that exact data. I'm looking for a way to not have to do it in two separate files also. Has anyone found out how?

Maybe also an option to add weight or something? I'm looking to export orders and enter them into ShipStation.

So it can't be done by exporting all and than clean the excel file by removing the unwanted fields?

Just an idea.

Well you can export all, but on the orders tab it has all the information to where the order would need to go. But no product info on what needs to be sent. That is on the order items tab. So when I go to export, they have to be two separate exports. They aren't going to an excel file for me either for some reason, but a notes tab program. Is there a way I can make it an excel file?

I could export it to two separate files and do some copying and pasting, but would rather not have the extra step.

I just don't know why it is in two separate tabs, I wish all the info would be in the available fields section and we could add and take away as we please.