Exporting date from 1 cart to another?

I need some help exporting data (not “date” sorry). So, my client has two CS-Cart Shopping Carts, both of which are hosted on two different servers (completely different sites).

They have a category on one site which has 4 subcategories and 10 products in each, that they want to move to the other cart. I have tried to export products from cart A into cart B, but it exports over EVERY products, not just the ones in a specific category.

I see when exporting products, where it asks for the “Category delimiter”. I see the sample it suggests, ("e.g. “Computers///Desktops”). The thing is their category name is two words (ex: Custom Shirts), so do I use for instance, “Custom Shirts///” or “Custom-Shirts///”. I can't find any clarification on this?

Also does anything need to come after /// or does the export feature just automatically just export subcategories and their products that are attached to the “Custom Shirts” category that I am exporting?

Both sites are running the same 3X version of CS-Cart.

Export all product data from cart A. Open file in Excel or similar. Sort by category and remove all product/catagories data that you do not want transferred. Save file and import to cart B.

Hey, what program would you use to edit a csv file on a mac?

Move all the products into 1 category by using bulk edit feature then export them all from just that category.

Products>category> click the number at the right of the screen that will show 40 (as there are 40 products now in 1 category)

Select all then “choose action” button at bottom of screen, select export. Then export additional images and qty discounts from same export window if required.

Move products back to correct category.


instead of MOVING them all to one category then back, create a second temp category and bulk add them to this, then just delete that category