Exporting certain ranges

When exporting products, you have the opiton of just exporting all, or selecting a range per your search. However, if you search for example, all products in a certain category and the results are displayed and contain more than 100 products, you cannnot choose to export all that are found, only the limit of what you can show on one page (which is 100)

This makes the export process kind of clunky… I have exports that I would like to extract over 6000 products`, but that would equal 60 exports at 100 prodsucts each. Is there a work around for this, or am I missing the right way to do this?


Bump, any ideas on this?

Not really. Only thing I can think of is download them all and sort them in Excel or whatever software you use to edit the csv.

I am not sure which version you are using but in 1.3.5 SP4, you can change the amount of products to be displayed in the back end. Go to “Look and Feel”, “Appearance Settings” and change the “Products per page” to a higher number. I have mine set on 500 as my cart comfortably handles that amount.

You may still have to export in more than one lot if you have more than 500 products in a category but at least it cuts the amount of exports down.

You can also view “Full List” when you go to the products in a certain category, which may or may not work, depending if it is putting too much load on your server.

I have found exporting by category the best way to go.

Hope this helps