Exported csv product with variants when imported site has issue


The product exported from cscart admin panel and imported to another cscart admin panel with zero products.
the product has feature and variants .

The feature is size,color, etc and combination 2,3,4 variants mostly and when exported as csv file.
all the data from products are available.

When i imported products with default import function(not a deprected import option) from cscart admin panel.
the product imported successfully.
in the product list all products are showing and inside feature and varinats all are present .

All the feature and variants are selected option as variant as one product but imported products are individual product.

None of them show any variants in the list or product details page.

Each product showing one variant .


Please check the following article:

The best way: before you try to import products, create the features manually (or import them in your store) and select the correct purpose for them.


The feature and varinats already exported as csv and imported to the site.

After the confomation imported feature and variants and inserted products using csv and still got the issue.


Please, provide the step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce the issue.


The scenario used from two stores wise store_1 and store_2.

Step 1 - Store_1:

  1. administrator => export data => features.
  2. Export/download (direct download) features as csv
  3. Export/download (direct download) features variants as csv


  1. create 3 or more features like color,size,heel size … etc
  2. the features is always variant as one product when is created.
  3. create multiple variants each features.
  4. create a products with minimum 3 features or more. The product will create unique variants around 8 or more
  5. also upload images and other product information

Step 2 - Store_1:

  1. administrator => export data => products
  2. Export/download (direct download) products as csv

Step 3 - Store_2:

  1. administrator => import data => features.
  2. import with necessary option when features are exported
  3. administrator => import data => features variants.
  4. import with necessary option when features variants are exported

Step 4 - Store_2:

  1. administrator => import data => products - info products (deprecated) method is not used
  2. import with necessary option when products are exported.
  3. also map all available column for import
  4. products import successful.

Step 5 - Store_2:

  1. when i checked with product list from admin panel and if i created with 8 or more variants products created successfully.
  2. when i checked with feature tab and the features are selected as expected.
  3. the product is not created as variant but it is created as separate product.
  4. it does not create any unique variants for product and it is created as simple product

This steps are used to produce this issue.
Note: Create 10 or more products to produce


Please provide the exact CSV files with features and with products.


Please find Attachments.


Features Variants:




Thank you for the files. As I can see the Variation group code field is missing from the import file and features are defined in the deprecated format. Please add the Variation group code field and add the separate fields with features’ values.