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OK, so I need to figure out a way to export my thumbnails for a feed. The problem is that since all my thumbnails are generated from my detailed image, when I go to export the thumbnails, there is nothing there in the export.

I actually need the thumbnail URLs.

Does anyone have any ideas?



Sounds like a bug. Use the google base export. I know that is working.

Whew, sorry about the delay in getting back to this, but I got super busy.

The Google Base export doesn't export the thumbnail, it exports the image URL, which in my case is the detailed image.

When I do any export with the thumbnail, the thumbnail column is blank. Technically I don't have any thumbnails though. I only have detailed images and the cart makes the thumbnails.

Any other ideas?



All I can tell you is that mine does export the thumbnails and not the detailed image.

tool, I think what Brandon is saying is that he doesn't have any thumbnails defined, hence the size for the various areas of the cart is created/stored/used but that the 'thumbnail' portion of the 'main_pair' is empty (which is what goolge export looks for as well as the product export. Some of them will use the detailed if the thumb is empty.

Even though the thumbnails are generated from the detailed image, they are still located in the /images/thumbnail directory and the location should be defined in the database.

Well that is interesting.

I just had a response a couple of paragraphs long that explained that Tony was right and that all my images are detailed images only and how I still couldn't figure it out until I thought about one of Tool's responses.

He didn't mean the data feed export for Google Base, he meant the Google Base export that is part of the normal export thing. I just did an export with that and it worked. I now have my thumbnails exported.

Thank you guys very much for helping me with this. Now I just need to figure out how to make that image_link field be part of the Data Feed thing for my feed.

Thanks again,


[quote name=‘The Tool’ timestamp=‘1333556500’ post=‘134313’]

Sounds like a bug.[/quote]


See if this will work.


'Thumbnail' => array (
'process_get' => array ('fn_export_image', '#key', 'product', 'M', true, false, false, false),
'table' => 'images_links',
'db_field' => 'image_id',
'use_put_from' => '%Detailed image%'

I believe the Data feed addon utilizes the code from exim so this should apply to both.

Nope, that didn't work. This is what it gave me:


Any ideas?



Auto generated thumbnails are not part of the 'main_pair' which is what the feeds I've looked at use (and my XML Data Feeds too). Otherwise, how is to know which thumbnail sizing to use?

Okay, I am getting mixed up here. We have an image path and a image url. In that case, another field actually needs to be created to export the thumbnail url. So Brandon, change the Thumbnail field back to the original and add this below the Image URL field.

'Thumbnail URL' => array (
'process_get' => array ('fn_exim_get_image_url', '#key', 'product', 'M', true, false, false, false),
'db_field' => 'image_id',
'table' => 'images_links',
'export_only' => true,

Okay, now I am really confused. I just tested the code and I exported the Image URL and Thumbnail URL and they are the same with the thumbnail url's.