Export Prices Including Tax

I have a problem with my google shopping feed and am trying to export JUST the product code and price including tax but cant seem to do it in v 2.XX


the price I want is the £2.14 inc vat price.

I cant export them and then add vat in excel as its messing around by 1 penny here and there due to a rounding up issue.

Any advice anyone?


I wonder why you have rounding issues... cs-cart should calculate the price incl vat the same way as excel.

1.78*1.2=2.136 - so if you let excel round up to 2 numbers behind the dot it will make it 2.14 - but i'm sure you know this already.

Is there a number where it doesn't work correctly for?

I think it has something to do with the fact I also have a promotion set up for 20% discount from the list price. Its weird it seems to be ok for products over an amount of around £5.00 but anything under is an issue.

I can probably do a long winded work round in excel but thought Id missed soemthing obvious from CS to be able to export with tax included...obviously not?