Export orders to import into Paypal Multi Shipping

It was getting time consuming entering order details in paypal multi-order shipping, so I decided to play around with the import option in Paypal. I selected the orders I wanted to export and exported the required fields to a csv. I tried to import the csv, but paypal does not like non standard characters like ( ) and : which are in the default category names when cs-cart exports the data. After I manually removed them in the csv, the orders imported perfectly.

Is there a way to change/remove the ( ) and : when exporting order details? For example, the shipping address second line header is displayed as “Shipping Address: (line 2)”. I would just need it to say “Shipping Address line 2”.

You probably already know this, but:

  1. Open the .csv in Notepad++
  2. Open the Find and Replace Dialog (Ctrl+H)
  3. Find what: (
  4. Replace with: leave this field blank
  5. Press the “Replace All” button
  6. Repeat for each character you don't want
  7. Save (Ctrl+S)

    That will take about 10 seconds…

    If you want the CS Cart software to spit out pre-formatted csv files, I think you'll have to get into some heavy backend code.