Export Order - Number


I got problem when export order, number data became text data (like Total, Subtotal, etc)

User ID Total Subtotal Discount Payment surcharge Shipping cost 679 8900000.00 8900000.00 0.00 0.00 0.00

This way, it is difficult for me to process the data because I need to convert data to number format first.

Someone can hel me about this / experiencing the same thing?

Thanks in advance

CSV by definition is a textual output. You might try using a different spreadsheet. I have the opposite problem, large numbers like GTIN are interpreted as numeric instead of text so they get converted to scientific notation.

Already try using openoffice and ms excell, the result is same. All data became text, like date, number.

Not sure using a CSV will do what you want since as I said, by definition, CSV is all text data.

You might be able to mess with the internals to have it NOT output quoted data. But then you run the risk of having other issues like values that start with a zero (like many GTIN/UPC values) where the leading zero would then be lost.