Export Order Items by specific payment method


We have a problem, which can be solved really easily.

However there are some issues.

One of the weird things that I found is that on the order manage page, when you do a “advanced search” (office.php?dispatch=orders.manage) there is no option to filter “COMPLETED” orders by a specific “PAYMENT METHOD”…you can do it by specific shipping method, order status, period, etc etc, but no where do you show the payment method filter.

I actually think its very essential to have that filter in the search.

Our issue is that one of our payment methods attracts about 50 orders per day… The gateway we work with gives us a list of all the payments made (in a 2 week period, every 2 weeks), with invoice numbers and then our accounting team manually needs to make invoices in our other main accounting system for that particular payment method. Problem is this is about 700 orders with thousands of products ordered every 2 weeks and the accounting department spends days invoicing everything between the systems.

So what I need is a simple filter, i need to be able to filter my orders by:



Payment Method:


and date range. ONCE I HAVE FILTERED THEM i want to export the orders with the items that were sold… so I would get a csv file with the amount of products sold from the total orders i selected.

Everything is already possible except for “PAYMENT METHOD” filter.

Can someone help me with this. I need it done relatively fast and I can pay you. It should not take more than 1 hour to tweak.

Or if anyone knows a simple fix, please let me know.

by the way, I also tried doing this in sales reports and it gives me the items sold during a period by a specific payment method. Great, but because we use product options for every product, it is impossible to see which option the product was sold with. So this method would only work if it included the product option as a product.

my problem was solved by this great little addon tweak from clips!

FREE Addon for exporting order details - Third-Party Add-ons - CS-Cart Community Forums

this works great and exports the product options field.