Export & Manage Data

I would like to be able to export my data from CS-Cart and make changes, then import the date back. What tool is the best for editing your product date for price changes, finish changes, ect. I have thought about purchasing Filemaker Pro, but have not made a decision. It seems difficult to view and make changes on an excel spread sheet.

Can anyone advise a good proven program they use to get this task taken care of? We are not as concerned with inventory, because the majority of our products are made at the time of order and we never run out of inventory.

I don’t mind spending money for a good program, but I don’t want a steep learning curve. Any suggestions?



I am not sure what other programs there are to use. Excel works just fine me.

Have you used the “comma” value when downloading the file? It is much easier to read and edit than the others.

The majority of our products have several attributes. Here is a link to one: [url]http://burbank.directrouter.com/~barnligh/cscart/index.php?target=products&product_id=29829[/url] , so using excel to go through all these attributes and sometimes confusing. Just wondering if anyhone else was using something simple that worked well. Thanks.