Export/Import Data for Translation


I have a CS-cart site in English and would like to create several versions of it in different languages.

I would like to export all the English content in the neatest possible format to create one clear document that will be given to a translation company for multiple translations.

Afterwards, I would like to import the translated content in a neat way (bulk upload). Is there an easy way to do this? Any advice would be much appreciated!

First you should “add” the languages you want. It will copy all the language values from the store's default language (usually EN) to the new language code values.

Go to your 'install/database' directory and find the SQL files for the languages you want (if they exist) and then import those into your database using phpMyAdmin.

Then I would export the cscart_language_values table directly from phpMyAdminin in CSV format and send that to your translators.

Once done, you can import the data back in.

thank you tbirnseth! i'll try that.