Export Data - Saved Layouts


We have CS-Cart 4.7.3 and we used to be able to save the layouts when exporting data (it would save the fields and order we put them in for regular exports), but a while ago the saving of the layouts stopped working (the import/export still works great!). I'm guessing it is just a file permission setting somewhere, so if anyone has any suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated... :)


It is required to examine issue on your server since layouts are stored in the database. Try to contact support team

Thanks eComLabs! I finally had a chance to look at this some more and just went into the database to create a new saved layout. It seems to work great! It can delete them fine, just not create new ones - I'll keep digging later since it works for what I need to do.

DATABASE table: store_exim_layouts

Product code,Product id,List price,Price,Status,Product name,Description,Category,Secondary categories,Features,Options,Detailed image,SEO name,Page title,Promo text,Product URL,Detailed image URL,Date added,Search words,Taxes,Language,Store