Export combine order and Items


(1) Is it possible to export of orders and Items to combine, so I get 1 CVS file instead of 2?

(2) Is it possible to get this combination to send automatically to a mail address or desktop after accept?

Order ID



Shipping: first name, last name, adress, zipcode, city, country

(Order ID)

Item ID

Product code


Why is this separated?

Please help.


No One this problem to?

Please help.

Yes same trouble, but I did not find any solution to this :confused:

Hi Pascal,

I also see the logic not in the two different exports: Orders and Order items.

Why not an export with a popup for choosing the export fields.

Or make it a third option of: combine the fields.

Strange way of export the data, and what is the way of the thinking behind.

Or mayby: put the Order Items(program) in de Orderfields(program) just a copie/past.

But is this then working good, i dont know.

Can't imagine that we both want to have this only.

In fact my needs would be to export a file that include all order data AND products included in that order so my erp could restore a full filled order. I think i will have to code a personal export php page that directly access to the mysql dB.