Export Abandoned Carts To Dev Site

I have spent the last month working on a copy Development Site, now it is ready to go live. I have imported current User, Order and Products from the working live site.

Is there any way I can transfer Abandoned Carts over? (and is there anything else I have missed?)


I am afraid, there is no such ability out of the box

And it will be quite expensive modification as we see.

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Is your development site and production stie on the same version of cs-cart? If so, you should be able to copy the DB tables cscart_user_session_products. Suggest you backup current cscart_user_session_products then copy over from production and see if it gives you what you want.

If you're on different versions then it could get messy. But you can compare the structure of dev/production tables and see if they are different and make appropriate adjustments.

What about 2 dev sites?

dev1 ready to go live with latest cart version

dev2 version your live shop is on, a duplicate. Upgrade it to latest, export just part of db and restore it to dev1

If both sites are on the same version the DB structure should be the same. Hence you should be able to move data between them.

Good feedback - thanks for the input.