Expand SideBox Root Category list by defauly

Looked everywhere for this…

Couldnt find a setting in admin nor in styles.css or styles. base.css so now need a little help please.

I need the first level of the Side-box Category block to be expanded by default When a customer browses to my site I need the first sub-cat of each main cat to be showing . …

EG: Currently this: >>> Want it to be like this:

Then once a customer clicks a subcategory, all other categories contract, as is the current operation.

Would contract to look like this: >>>

Help Greatly Appreciated.

Im using blocks/categories_dynamic.tpl

Hmmm. Nobody ever needed this before?

there was an accordeon menu addon for old versions. Contact webgraphiq if you want it updated.


Ok,in the absence of any real help from the department of “$custom.development.accounting”, Ive quickly developed my own simple work-around.

This involves:

A. Using the standard Dynamic Categories-SideBox Block on all pages other than the Home Page.

B. For the home page I developed a new categories_tree_expand_to_level_1.tpl and associated functions to assign to a new Categories-SideBox Block. This new template is a mod of the “Plain” template which limits the display to the root(0) and first child(1)

(ie category_level <= 1).

If anyone is interested Ill post the mods.

Can see it work here.