Expand / collapse the list of items ---- disappear problem

Everything was ok until today …and… unexpectedly the “Expand / collapse the list of items” +/- disappear from the Catalog > Categories.

The same things is on the Product Add Page.

To add some product I need to click on that icon (see picture of atach) and a pop-up page is open with all categories and after that I choose the exact categories… it is verry strange what is happening suddenly.

Any ideas? Does anyone else have this problem?

I use 2.1.2 from the beginning.

See the picture of attach.

Please help …



This question has come up before and I could be wrong but I believe the response from CS was that is was default functionality that when the number of categories reaches a certain amount that the categories picker chnages to a pull-down menu. I beleive this was one of the methods to optimize the speed in the admin panel with larger stores - Sno

Yes this is the answear .

The top number is 99 categories.

I have it 101 after I delete 2 categories to see if something is happening and we come back as of beginning.

SO …Enyone know how to increase that number 99.


When I add a new category (MAIN/SUB) I see a different view now on the “location” section whereas I used to see a drop down menu 1 hour ago. How do I change the view back the way I want? Refer attachment.

This is something I need also.

I have a Ga-zillion Categories, and for the most part need to see them collapsed. But when doing some tasks it would be great to be able to switch to Expanded until Im done. Even better to enter the name of a Main cat in settings to have expanded.

same problem detected here, I need more than 100 categories. (not collapsed) how can I do it?