Exim.google.php download trap?

Hi all, so I was reading a tutorial on how to edit the exim.google.php file and was excited to try. The only problem is if I download the file and re-upload it, then go to the export page it takes me to a blank page. It even happens without me opening the file at all. Does anyone know why this problem occurs?

Most likely file permissions.

ensure that the file has CHMOD 644

What file did you download?

[quote name=‘Tool Outfitters’]What file did you download?[/QUOTE]

Hi, i’m downloading: include/admin/exim/exim.google.php.

I’ve tried permissions: 644, 755, and 777 even xxx. I’m using filezilla to download the file. It’s very weird because I leave a copy on the server “exim.googleOLD.php” just incase I messed up and when I change the name back to “exim.google.php” it loads the export page fine.

I think I found my error. Apparently you can’t rename the file to exim.google(anything).php because when I renamed the file to “1exim.google.php” I no longer get the blank screen (may have been an pregmatch searching for exim.google and found it twice?). All I get now is an error at the top that says “Pattern Not Found” even though I did not edit the downloaded file. :).

Thanks for the help guys.

I’ll look into it this error. Hopefully it’s not hard to figure out.