Exclude Tax and Discounts from Vendor Commission


I need some help please!

I would like the Vendor Commission to be calculated on the product price exlcusive of tax (where applicable) and any store-wide discounts - does anyone know how I go about doing this please?

For example, if the price for Product A is £12 inclusive of 20% tax, making the net price £10, and Vendor Commission is set at 10%, then the amount payable to the Vendor should be £1.00. The default settting though seems to be 10% of the gross price, meaning commission of £1.20.

And if there is a store promotional discount of 10% off all products, making the price to the customer for Product A £10.80 (of which £1.80 is tax), I want the store to take the hit on the 10% discount, rather than the vendor, so their commission should still be 10% of the original net product price ie £1.00 (10% of £10.00). The default setting though seems to be 10% of discounted gross price, meaning a commission of £1.08.

I hope that makes sense!

Many thanks


Did you sort out this issue Emma? I have a similar issue…