Exclude Product Full description from Searches


Some searches returns all products instead of a subset. I believe the problem is that certain words in the Product full descriptions, which are common to all the products are used in searches.

I need to exclude the product full descriptions from searches. I did modify the fn.search.php file and made the following changes:

pfull=“N”, pdesc -“N”. (from “Y” to “N”).I cleared the cache from the admin. This did not seem to work. Is there another place that needs to be modified? Or another cache to be cleard? I only want searches to look at the “product name” and “Search Words”. It could look at product code, but I put them in the search words.



That will only set the “default” search mode. You will probably have to use the 'search_init' hook (see bottom of fn_search_init() function. Another addon might be setting the pfull to 'Y'.

Did you ever get this working? What did your hook look like?