Exclude Payment Method For User Group?

I'm sure this has been asked, however I've been unable to find a decent answer…

I have a wholesale user group in addition to guest and registered users, I'm trying to set it up so that guests and registered users can pay with credit card, but I want the wholesale group to ONLY have the option of paying with purchase order, I set it up so that the purchase order option appears for the wholesale group only, however, the Credit card option still appears to them. I'm assuming it is because they are a registered user in addition to being a wholesale customer.

so my question is 2 fold. 1, is what I'm trying to do possible with the default setup, or 2, is it possible to select a default group for a user to belong to so that I can set credit card up to only work for that user group?

Unfortunately, it is not possible without additional code modifications. If you are interested, feel free to contact us

we are also at your service

I already did the modifications figuring it wasn't possible.

I also did a very minor hack that says if it's a wholesale customer to disable shipping… all it states then is “Shipping will be calculated by Sales Team along with overall quote” or something to that effect