Exclude Cities From Locations

I am using manual shipping settings and would like to exclude the Florida Keys from one of my locations, but do not know if I can.

Any ideas how to do this?

You should create 2 locations

USA - Florida

USA - Florida - Required cities

The second one will have higher priority if customer city matches the defined one. Finally, specify shipping rates for first location only

Thank you,

I am not sure I understand.

USA - Florida will give rates that I specify and

USA - Florida - Required cities will not give rates?

I did as you suggested above (I think).

I created a location "USA - Florida" and then defined shipping rates for that location.

I then created a location "USA - Florida - Required cities" and listed all the cities in Florida that I want to exclude and I did not define any shipping rates for this location.

When I test on front end, as soon as I select Florida as a state, I get "USA - Florida" shipping rates.

What am I missing?

For example,

Location A: USA - Florida

Location B: USA - Florida - Miami

Rates are defined for location A

Rates are not defined for location B

For customers from Orlando the system will use Location A and show shipping rates

For customers from Miami the system will use Location B and show notification that there are no shipping methods available