Example of Brandon's work


I just wanted to show off work that Brandon at Salt Water To Go did for me:



Brandon does nice work but it doesn’t look like he’s quite finished with yours yet.

It’s up to me to finish the products and take down the demo text.

In the image “header.png” the white line looks jagged. This is a common problem.

There are different ways to fix this. With blur, or modify the way you copy/paste paths from illlustrator.

If the image will be 800x200px, then work on a 3200 x 800px, so you give to photoshop more room to generate the smooth transitions.

But for flat colors, illustrator does a better job generating round corners or curves. Is more precise on how many additional colors are created to smooth transitions in adjacent flat colors.

Nice job!

Are you here in the US?


I just noticed the jagged look also. I’ll have to fix that. I wonder why I didn’t notice that before. Thanks for the tips.


Yes, he is in Arizona. Hence the url arizonahobbies.com


I just did the design. He’s going to do the data end of things and of course I’ve told him that if he needs any help along the way, I’m here to help.

Thanks for the comliments though guys. Of course now that I’m sitting here looking at it at a different computer that I never use, I see there is still a couple of things to touch up.


Beautiful job Brandon!

Thats a nice looking site brandon!

I really like the top banner, expecially how the home, contact us, my account, etc tabs are placed. easy to use and read. Im actually wanting to do that to my page.