Eway Rapid Direct Payment Client Side Encryption


Anyone else using the Rapid API for eWay direct payments?

I see there is a field in the configuration for client side encryption key, however eWay are receiving my credentials unencrypted.

Looking through the source code in app/payments/eway/eway_rapidapi.functions.php there is no sign of the encryption_key field from the configuration.

Am I missing something?


Hello - anyone else on this one? I am running 4.4.2 SP2

I have this issue as well after upgrading a clients site from a very old version of CS-CART. Any clues


The encryption key is actually sent to the javascript (responsible for encrypting) which is inside this template... Make sure it is getting included.. it is part of the responsive theme, so it should be, but start looking there anyway.

var eway_enc_key = '{$cart.payment_method_data.processor_params.encryption_key}';

I can see that line of code in cc_eway.tpl

eWay suggested that the problem may be to do with the card validation jquery running (part of CS-Cart). They gave me this code to add, but I dont know where (and I think if its a problem with CS-Cart they really should patch it).

submitHandler: function(form) {
invalidHandler: function(event, validator) {
this.onsubmit = null;

TO close this topic off.. the current cs-cart works with eWay now.