eWAY currencies?

I am testing payment using the eway xml payment script but I am confused about the customer selected currency.

I have looked at the script being sent to eway and I can't find any reference to a currency. If a customer has elected to pay in EUR then they need to be billed the exact amount of their cart in euros. The same should be true of USD, GBP etc.

What currency is the customer billed in?

Any advice appreciated.


OK. Looks like the eway payment is always in the base currency and no currency data is sent with the payment.

I guess I will have to change the payment script in order to take payment in another currency.

Eway will accept the payment in many currencies, but a conversion back to AUD will always take place. Right now, the only merchant in Australia that will let you settle in multiple currencies is the NAB. You have to open an account for each currency you wish to settle in though, its a major PITA. You also need to speak to a transaction specialist at the NAB, not your regular internet merchant rep.

What Scott just said is correct.

Basically banks don't want to have to deal with chargebacks / transaction(exchange) rates and identity theft in most cases.

Limiting eCommerce transactions to AUD means they also get a slice from the credit provider.