Everything admin related is redirecting??

Has anyone encountered this before?

Anything that is related to the admin area of my website (like looking at your account on the front end), it throws this box up that says “If the page does not redirect automatically in 10 seconds, please click on this link: continue”

What could possibly be causing it? It didn’t do it until yesterday and now all of a sudden it’s redirecting every time I update a product or go anywhere in the admin panel.

Any time I visit the mail URL it also redirects. I’m not seeing anything on the forums related to this so I hope it’s just not me.

Something has output some text (probably a newline or blank) and the system sees that as data and displays it before doing the actual redirect. I.e. there’s something in the output buffer that shouldn’t be there.

If you’ve modified any php code, make sure there is nothing after the closing ?>

That was it. For some reason all of a sudden there was an extra space on the init.php file. I don’t remember seeing that file when I’ve modified stuff.

You are quite the lifesaver lol :slight_smile:

You can make a check payable to St. Judes if it was valuable to you!