European conform Age verification

I searched the forum but i can’t find something to that topic. So now i start this thread. Maybe someone has a solution for it.

You are also welcome to discuss it with me.


In Admin you can activate the add-on “age verification”. If the add-on is activated you can enter in the product under tab add-ons age verification is needed and the limit of age. If you do so, on the frontend now comes the age question if you want to show the product.

It’s a nice feature, but not fulfilled the legal obligations in most European countries.


A seller has to prove the age of a customer to sell “adult” products to him.

And some European countries have an index. Products are listet on this, have a special promotion limit. You only allowed to display this products to approved customer.


An overworked Age verification add-on.

1.) On the Age verification add-on (admin//add-ons//age-verification), an option (Edit) field where you can switch between the old (age question) an the new (age approved) system.

2.) On the product edit page, a new check-field for the Age verification “Display only to approved”.

3.) A new field “date of birth” on the User account information. If a customer register an account, he can (he don’t have to, but he can/mandatory) enter his date of birth. Also he can enter it later, if he want, but if he has enter it once, he never can change it, only the store owner/admin can change it.

4.) A new check-field “date of birth approved” on the User account information page on the administrator side.

How does it work now?:

A.) Products that are checked “Age verification” and “Display only to approved” will not appear on the page and the search until the customer is loged in and his age meet the age limit and the date of birth is approved.

B.) Products that are checked “Age verification” will displayed on the shop. If a customer want to show this product he get an information dependent on the option of the age verification addon. age question system = enter your age // age approved system = "This product have an age limitation, please login to your account to show this product. If the customer now want to order this product, the shop prove if set “age approved system” is the customers date of birth approved and meet the age limit? If yes - product goes to cart if not get the message: to order this product you have to approve your date of birth befor you can order this.

A customer can use external age verification systems to approve his age against the shop owner or send him a copy of his legal documents to verify his age. The shop owner prove the age, set the check box an send an email to the customer that he now is age approved.