i am from germany and i have now the CS-Multivendor.. buti need the settings for EU , is there any addons or can anyone help me for the settings...

i havent find a addon for specialy to use in germany..

1.0) An addon which adds the following points to the CS Cart Shop:

1.1) Basic prices - Prices are already there in default CS-Cart

1.2) Delivery time display -

1.3) EAN codes- Where do you want to display this barcode?

1.4) Order overview page EU-conform - This point is not clear.

1.5) Automatic sending of the legal texts by e-mail -



product page....png

"build your own ebay" yea right :) sorry but but it has to be heavily modified to be actually ebay alike...

Dear Ben,

We have been worked with Cs-Cart since 2010. If you want to add any additional features to CS-Cart, just drop us a line. Our developers will help you.

Best regards,


I know.. I want make like a ebay...the prices fro selelr in ebay and amazon will be increased...In UK start 1.4. on ebay new selelr prices. etc..

they have own seller laws and suspend thousands of sellers..

Alt-team, i have send you a message..

regards guys

haktel, our team is also at your service. We will be glad to consult you. Just post your requirements here