Eu Vat One Stop Shop

Hi Ikoshkin,

I have not been able to check the implementation myself yet, but it looks like there is a serious tax issue / bug in the new cs-cart version. Please see:

Can you help?


Thanks for reminding me. I meant to look into that topic, but got preoccupied with other tasks. I’m already on it, will reply there.

P.S. By the way, you could’ve just tagged me there. Can’t guarantee that I’ll always reply promptly, but I’ll definitely see it.

It seems that you are located within EU, I was wondering if you find it a problem with Accounting in CS-cart, that it doesn’t add up?

Please review my bug-report, see if you find the problem I have raised a similar problem for you an your marketplace!

I don’t run a marketplace and use alt-teams stripe add-on :slight_smile:

You don’t run a marketplace?
Are you a developer?

Does the Alt-team Stripe addon solve the issue?

I have a normal B2C online store, and use a 2nd store for B2B Sales, all in the same backend. I’m on a pretty old cs-cart version which doesn’t have Stripe yet, so am using alt-teams addon which works with this version

So, in the old CS-cart version, the Stripe fee and marketplace fee shows up in Accounting?

As said: I don’t run a marketplace :slight_smile: I only sell our own products, so I don’t have this accounting issue.