Errors With Vendor-To-Admin Add-On & Balance Withdrawal Issues

We use MV Plus 4.12.1 . We have the vendor-to-admin addon , and we use both Paypal Commerce and Stripe Connect standard for direct payouts to our vendors. So when a customer purchase is successful, revenue is split , ie. our platform receives commission, and the vendor's cut is directly applied to his Paypal or Stripe account.

Here's the issue:

With the vendor-to-admin add-on, we noticed that the revenue is being applied to the "Current balance" on the vendor's dashboard. Hence, the vendor can submit a balance withdrawl for an amount they already received directly to their Paypal or stripe accounts. This is troublesome.

Also, we noticed the "Sales" and "Taxes" sections on the vendor's dashboard are not getting updated with the respective amounts. See attached. In this case, an order for $95.81 is being applied to the Balance, instead of the Sales and Taxes sections on the vendor dashboard.

Any suggestions on how to fix this? Is this an add-on incompatability issue??

Balance issue + Sales & Taxes not populating on vendor dashboard.png

What happen if you complete the order?

I am getting this issue during refill balance by vendor even Vendor-to-admin payments and Direct Customer-to-Vendor Payments addons are enabled