Error when i add option - variant

When i add option - multi variants but image not view??


You are going to need to be more specific. Example or screenshots will help us.


sometime i get problems and maybe its just me. What i sometimes have to do is delete the item and global option then redo it all again including the item options/images this then renews what you did and hopefully alls ok.

if you create your item with the option and save and then add images to the options at a later date, the original product stays the same and doesn’t get the update to the global option that you just entered so you have to rebuild the product from the ground upward again (dont know if its a bug or thats supposed to happen just started cs-cart and i had the same sorta problem updates to global options didnt update the products that were in the store, only the new ones)

Hi jegesmaci,

Some image when i add option & variants

And my result:

Show 2 images but show 1 image???