Error, When Changing Seo Addon Settings

When saving the changes shown below, I get the following error:

Notice: Undefined index: A in ...../app/addons/seo/schemas/seo/objects.php on line 61

This happens when changing the SEO addon "Product SEO URL format" field from

[ /product-name.html ] to [ /product-name/ ]

It also loads the Store Closed page !

Not a major issue but want to keep the URL length to a minimum.

Can anyone shed some light on this?

From what I can tell, the notice is referring to the category.

In the mentioned file try to replace

return !empty($path['M']) ? $path['M'] : $path['A'];


return !empty($path['M']) ? $path['M'] : (!empty($path['A']) ? $path['A'] : $object_id);

Then clear cache and check

Thanks eComLabs.

Re-visiting this now as we have moved from a shared hosting to VPS. The error no longer shows, and the change is made ok now.

Not sure what the cause was, and did not make the suggested changes. However, since the suggested solution is to mod a core file, I think it appropriate for anyone else seeing this error to log a bug report. I try to avoid making core file changes as these get broken by updates.