Error: Unexpected Token < In Json At Position 0


I have an Ajax post request , and after i submit the request i get an error: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0.

Here is my request:

function getData(url, obj) {
  var container = obj.parents('.cm-product-filters');
  var params = {
    method: 'post',
    result_ids: ajax_ids,
    save_history: false,
    caching: false,
    data: {
      is_ajax: true,
      features_hash: generateHash(container),
      security_hash: s_hash
    scroll: '#my_id',
    obj: obj,
    security_hash: s_hash,
    callback: _getDataRespons
    if (ajax_ids) {
       $.ceAjax('request', url, params);
    } else {
return false;


Try to change your code to something simple, like


and check the result

I get 1575641422.

I get the response in the Dev tools -> Network and i have tested the response and seems to be valid.

I get 1575641422.

So request is correct. Possibly the reason in the response. Try to add custom code line by line to find a reason