Error Trying To Configure Additional Storefronts


I just installed CS Cart, and I am now trying to add storefronts. I have just purchased a license for an additional storefront and I am trying to configure it. I have followed the instructions on…onfigure-cpanel step by step. However, now that I try to see the new storefront at I get the error:

Index of /

Apache Server at Port 80

I am wondering whether it may have to do with the fact that my main CS Cart installation is located in a subdomain (public_html/subdomainname). Must the main installation of CS Cart be in the root public_html folder necessarily?

I want my additional storefronts to be accesed by this type of URL: because I have a static website at

Hope this makes sense and if anyone can give me a hand, I'd be forever grateful


There scheme does not work if the main store is installed in a subdirectory. I've tried various .htacess methods to get it to work properly and I've found (and helpdesk also responded) that you can only have multiple storefronts if the main store is in the root directory of the site.

Thanks for sharing your experience tbirnseth. Very much appreciated


I have made a fresh installation in the public_html root folder, but same problem. Followed the instructions step by step. Any idea why this may be? Thanks

Which method did you use? sub-domain or sub-folder?

What is the exact message you get when trying to access the new storefront?

At first I tried sub-domain, did not work. Then, I tried sub-folder. Interestingly, it all works ok now being installed in a sub-folder (additional storefront as well), which is great for me but now I am a little confused since you said that it would now work on anything but a root folder and I do trust your expertise, but maybe CS cart were able to fix that issue since then?

To clarify. It will not work when the main URL (the one you use for admin) is in a sub-folder or your site. I.e.