Error: Strpos() Expects Parameter 1 To Be String, Array

I have the following error on my site and I don't have a solution for that, can you help me ?

Warning: strpos() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in /home/alojada8/public_html/core/templater_plugins/modifier.escape.php on line 24

You can see this error online in:

GRAVATAS - A Loja das Gravatas - Especializada em acessórios de moda

Many thanks,


Check your product options are not blank

Hi, Tucano666,

It seems like a bug.

Contact to the Cs-Cart support team.

Best regards, Alt-team.

Thanks for answers.

I will contact Cs-Cart support team.

Meanwhile if anyone have a different solution post it.

Maybe a dumb question but have you tried clearing the cache?

Also, do any of these threads help:

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Thanks for all answers but I have already the answer from CS-Cart Support, I post it here to help other with same error:

In order to resolve the issue please replace the following part of code:

if (strpos($string, 'class="cm-translate') !== false) {

return $string;


with this one:

if (!is_array($string) && strpos($string, 'class="cm-translate') !== false) {

return $string;


in the modifier.escape.php file located in the core/templater_plugins directory of your CS-Cart installation.

Problem resolved.