Error On Fresh Install

Any idea whats causing this?

Tygh\Exceptions\AException Message

Storage: undefined storage backend

Error at

IV:\pre_deployment_test_env\root\app\Tygh\Storage.php, line: 36

File: IV:\pre_deployment_test_env\root\app\functions\fn.init.php
Line: 983
Function: instance
File: IV:\pre_deployment_test_env\root\app\functions\fn.init.php
Line: 929
Function: fn_init_storage
File: IV:\pre_deployment_test_env\root\init.php
Line: 138
Function: fn_init
File: IV:\pre_deployment_test_env\root\admin.php
Line: 25
Function: require

We faced the same issue recently. We informed CS-Cart team about it and they did something with the installation packages. Try to download the latest package and install it

Still getting the same. Guess i will have to sit on old v2 for some time. If i only have used my changes addon - updates would not be such pain in the butt. _~

Got it working after fifth reinstall. Dunno what changed. Im just glad its working.