Error occurred message and fix

I was just testing out the latest version of cscart. Haven’t touched it in weeks.

Just came back to mess with it and got the message ‘error occurred’. Can’t access any pages including the admin page. The only thing that worked was the install/ script to reinstall. Didn’t wanted to do that.

Deleting var/cache and var/compiled didn’t help.

Then I realize my database tables somehow got corrupted. Could possible be because of cscart, cause others are reporting the ‘error occurred’ message with the newer versions of cscart.

Anyway, I found out the 2 tables that got corrupted are ‘cscart_sessions’ and ‘cscart_seo_names’. I’m guessing cscart not LOCKING and UNLOCKING tables correctly.

So the fix is just the REPAIR the tables.

The MySQL commands are:

REPAIR TABLE cscart_sessions;

REPAIR TABLE cscart_seo_names;

Once the tables are repaired, cscart runs properly again.

I had the same yesterday after optimising database, went into cpanel and had to repair database 3 times, then ok


Thanks for the fix!!, my servers went down and I was getting the “Error Ocurred” and didn't where to begin till I found this post!

I have this problem when my server goes down is booted back up. The quick way I found that solves it most the time without repairing the database tables is clean cache via the url. Just run this but change the url to your domain: