Error messages on category pages

I have contacted support about this a couple days ago but I have not got it fixed yet. On some of the category pages there are random lines of code that appear like this:

Warning: Illegal string offset 'category_id' in /home/coinsupp/public_html/var/cache/templates/customer/%%FB^FBE^FBEE8D2B%%view.tpl.php on line 70

I completely removed and reinstalled the shopping cart 4 times using 2 different files for the v3.0.3. I have some example pages for you to look at to see what I am talking about:



I installed the same install file on another server and I got it to work just fine, so I'm not sure what to do.

I found this post:

[url=“PHP 5.3 error - Issues & Troubleshooting - CS-Cart Community Forums”]PHP 5.3 error - Issues & Troubleshooting - CS-Cart Community Forums

And I changed the config.local.php but that still did not fix the problem.

I'm guessing it is something specific to your store (addon installed, hosting, etc.). Best approach will be to contact the helpdesk to resolve. You could never post enough details here for someone to help you.

I contacted my server and they said it was because of my PHP version. I had v5.4.1 of the PHP and they had to downgrade me to 5.3.17 in order for it to work.

That makes sense given cs-cart requirements…

Glad it's working for you.

having the same problem on my localhost. Just reinstalled lastet xampp and i get this error on category list. Tried all that you guys wrote and cleared cache yet still i'm getting this error.

Any suggestions?