Error In Social Login For Live Accounts (Microsoft)


I have recently activated the Social Login addon on my store. I have set up login for Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn successfully. However, I am not able to get it working for Microsoft Live Accounts.

The issue occurs at the end of the login process, i.e. the redirection. The problem seems to be from the callback URL. In CS-Cart settings for Live accounts, there is no callback URL value as in the other login platforms.

When I set the Callback/Redirect URL in Live App settings to empty, I see this error: the URL for this error page is (please see error description in the url):'redirect_uri'+is+not+valid.+The+expected+value+is+''+or+a+URL+which+matches+the+redirect+URI+registered+for+this+client+application.

When I add my store's domain URL in the Redirect URL settings in Live App, I see Error 404 Page not found and this URL:

Anybody experienced the same. I want to know the source of the problem. Is it a bug in CS-Cart or wrong configuration on Live App.

Thank you all!

No one can help me with this!!

Anyway, thank you!

Did you try to contact support team with this issue? We have faced such problem

Thank you eComLabs for your reply. I will contact Support for this.