Error After Upgrade

I came into this project half way through. It looks like users/customers were imported into the store from a previous e-commerce site. Now when I view Customers, the majority of them have the current date and time as the Registered date and time. When go into the user profile i get the following error on top of the page "Notice: Undefined index: profile_id in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 74"

Lines 72-74 of fn.users.php are as follows:

 if (empty($profile_data)) {
$profile_data = db_get_row("SELECT * FROM ?:user_profiles WHERE user_id = ?i AND profile_type = 'P'", $user_data['user_id']);
$profile_id = $profile_data['profile_id'];

seems like the error came up after an upgrade. The site is currently running 4.3.1

Thank you in advance for any help.

Anybody have any clues on this? I appreciate the help.

I suggest you to contact CS-Cart support team with this issue. Looks like a bug in the store import