Error 500 when installing Addon


I’m in the process of moving hosts and going from a windows server to a unix server.

I’ve moved all the files and database and everything seemed to be wroking and much quicker (reason for changing hosts)

Now I wanted to install some addons but everytime I try I’m getting Error 500 as soon as I click install. If I refresh the page I get a message saying the addon installed succesfully, but If I click edit I get the error “oops something has gone wrong” It doesn’t matter what addon I try to install.

I’m running CS-Cart version 2.2.4

I’ve set all file permissions to 755 as has previously been suggested from ready other threads, this made no difference.

Thanks in Advance


To add to this, everything front end so far seems ok. But there is more backend issues

I get error 500 If I go to anything in Settings Ie Settings → General or Settings → Reports etc etc

If you are running your php as suPHP mode, then contact your host and ask them to fix your directory permissions. They should be 755 or 750. I you are running in DSO mode, the same permissions will work but your files need to be owned by owner=apache and group=mobody.

Your host can best advise what's needed for your particular hosting environment.

How would I find out if I'm running php as suPHP mode?

I've also just been told I have full root access to the server, could you advise which permissions need changing as I should be able to do so.

I've also just tried a fresh install which works fine, the problem only occurs after I import the database.


Import it how?

By going to Administrator - Database - Restore

Would you know which directories need their permissions changed?

Any directory that PHP tries to execute a script from. Normally this is just the root of your store and the payments directory, but many addons utilize scripts in other directories.

I'm guessing that the DB you are importing is not compatible with whatever version of the cart you are running. But correct permissions are necessary on a site regardless. You can work with your host to establish what the correct ownership/permissions should be for your site.

My host’s reply was they can change permissions just tell them which ones :(

The database is from exactly the same version of cs cart 2.2.4.

I’ve tried two ways of doing the migration 1st - copying all files from current host to new one and then manually copy the database from myphp and import via myphp.

2nd - was a fresh install then replace all the files other than the config.local.php and then import the datbase via cs cart as mentioned above.

Doing both ways has exactly the same result.

Your host should advise what is proper owner/permissions for your site.

If you have shell access, here's basically what I do to move a site from one serer to another (YMMV, this is a cPanel approach).


[]Go to Admin Logs and clear logs

]Go to Admin Statistics and clear statistics

[]Create database of same basename in new site. Ie. old=foo_cart new=bar_cart assuming 'bar' is the new account name and foo is the old


]# cd /home/foo/public_html; tar -czf store.tgz

[]# mysqldump -u -p foo_cart | gzip > store.sql.gz

]Ftp store.tgz and store.sql.gz to document root of the new store (/home/bar/public_html)


[]cd /home/bar/public_html; tar -xf store.tgz

]zcat store.sql.gz | mysql -u -p bar_cart

[*]Edit config.local.php to set proper config variables



That should do it.