Erorr when adding Free Product bonus to a promotion

I have a promo where a free product is given when an order reaches a certain amount. In Bonuses when I click on Add Product, I get a red error in the top right corner:

[quote] Error Oops, something went wrong (error). Please try again.[/quote]

In Conditions I have:

Group: If ALL of these conditions are TRUE:

Order subtotal: equal or greater than $150

User group: not equal Wholesale

Bumping cuz this is over a month old. Anyone? Palalalalleeeeze?

check your PHP error_log for any errors and also check your browser's error console right after you generate the error.

Otherwise, open a support ticket with the helpdesk.

I ran the broswer error debugger & got this:

[size=2][color=#FF0000][size=2][color=#FF0000]SCRIPT1002: Syntax error [/color][/size][/color][/size]

[size=2][color=#0066CC][size=2][color=#0066CC]func.js, line 184 character 1[/color][/size][/color][/size]

That character is }

& that whole section of code is this, with the last } being the one generating the error:

for (id in data) { data[id].price = parseFloat($('#price_' + id).val());if (data[id].option && data[id].option.path) { // We have options, try to find their price modifiers for (option_id in data[id].option.path) { variant_id = data[id].option.path[option_id];

modifier = parseFloat($('#bt_option_modifier_' + option_id + '_' + variant_id).val());
if (!isNaN(modifier)) {
data[id].price += modifier;

I got the fix from support & am sharing here in case anyone encounters this down the road:

I have alot of variants on one my global options and each product has this option. The Products per page setting was set at 20. Ajax cannot processes so much information, so they decreased my Products per page setting value to 10. It works now.