Entering Promotion Codes

I've been playing around with getting a promotion set up and noticed something I'd like to bounce off you guys…

When the code is entered, the user MUST click the arrow that's to the right of the text box for it to take effect. To me that's not very intuitive. In fact, experimenting with the cart as a user, I myself took a while to discover this fact, as I kept hitting “recalculate”, expecting things to update.

It seems to me that one of 2 things are in order.

  1. Either replace the arrow next to the promotion box with a “Click here to enter your code” button.

  2. Have it such that when the user enters a code, any other call to action i.e. hitting “recalculate” or “proceed to checkout” should have the effect of CSC looking into the promo box and seeing if there's anything there and then acting on it if there's a valid code.

    I'm new to all this, but it strikes me that there will be a decent number of customers who, like me, didn't realize that that little innocuous arrow needed clicking, and will either have to waste time by calling me or worse… abandoning their cart altogether.