Enlarging the text area for Review submissions

In an attempt to increase customer Product Reviews I’ve found it easier to increase the space (text area) for the review to be written in than I thought it would be.

The UI Dialog box automatically re-sizes and re-positions itself to accommodate this change.

This makes the space for the review less restrictive. This change also applies to Testimonial submissions and Comments in News.



Find this (line 96):

<br />
<textarea id="dsc_message" name="post_data[message]" class="input-textarea" rows="5" cols="72">{$discussion.post_data.message}</textarea><br />

```<br />
<br />
Replace with this:<br />
 <textarea id="dsc_message" name="post_data[message]" rows="10" cols="100">{$discussion.post_data.message}</textarea><br />

```<br />
<br />
You do have to completely remove the class "input-textarea" as it weirdly sets the width of the text area regardless of how many columns are defined (and that's all it does). You can tweak the number of rows and cols to fit your preference, but at 100 cols x 10 rows, the dialog box is now about 520px height x 790px width in Firefox, 653px width in IE10.<br />
<br />
This line is inside a hook: discussion:add_post - but I'm not certain how to set that up in my_changes.<br />
Any guidance on using the hook to apply this change would be helpful.

It should be something like:


In that file, put all of the code (including your changes) that is between the beginning hook and ending hook.

Hmmm. That doesn't look right. You're putting this directly in the root addon folder.

Other hooks I've used are set up in the my_changes folder that is under the skin like this:


  • but I can assure you that this does not work correctly and will totally hose the store.

    For instance, I override this hook: “\skins\SKINNAME\customer\views\checkout\components\promotion_coupon.tpl” {hook name=“checkout:applied_discount_coupons”} with his override:


Yep, my bad. I don't use the my_changes addon and not sure quite how to run it in another addon.


You would add it to (assuming V3):


Thanks Tony!

That was the first thing I set up and it failed. But after you confirmed that this is the proper path to add the override I looked at the contents of my add_post.override.tpl and found I forgot to include a closing IF tag.

Sometimes I'm an idiot.