enlarge height of header

hello …

any idea how i can enlarge the height of the header in basic template .

i whant use the backround image but it’s necessary i can enlarge the header …

thanks for help

sorry for my bad english ( french nativ )

You’ll find what you need in top.tpl:


Simply replace {$manifest.Customer_logo.height} with your new height so for instance if the new height is 150px it will look like this:


I try this option, but no good u can see here

I dont whant change logo but only space ( height ) backgroud …

i add image explain my idea … in attachement


looks like you have to change the width as well.

see file attachement in this message …

if i change in the top tpl …the top menu is mounted vertically …i whant just enlarge the height …

many thanks for ur help roban


[quote name=‘roban’]looks like you have to change the width as well.[/QUOTE]

but I will not touch the logo, I just want to enlarge the space to use a background image that will be under the logo and top menu

u can see attachement in previous message


any idea for my header …as the file attachement in previous message ?



In styles.base.css line 639

#header {}

You can try adding values for height as in:

#header {

height: 150px;


I haven’t tried this so I don’t know if it will work for you.

thanks roban …

Unfortunately this does not not work, I had already tried, it disrupts the high

it’s crazy not to find something so simple, I spent more than 5 days :cry: :cry: