Engraving Option Text Input

New to CS Cart - migrating from Interspire

I'm trying to setup a global engraving option for our products. When the customer selects the engraving option, there needs to be a text box for them to enter their engraving details. My Interspire cart allowed it and I'm sure CS Cart does too but I can't figure out where/how to make it work.

My preference is for a drop-down box to select either (1) no engraving (2) engrave 1 side (3) engrave 2 sides. It doesn't matter if it can be a 'Required' or 'Not required' field.

We're using V3.06

PS - Searched the forums, KB and manual without luck.

Try this link you have to create Product Options click on tab 3.0.x

Thanks for the suggestion but it isn't what I'm looking for. What's needed is a text box that goes along with the engraving option so that the customer can input the text they would like on their custom engraving. I don't mind if the text input box is always there.

Here's a picture of what we're currently using. Note the user input box for “Engraving Details”.


Goia007 is right

add the option for engraving s a drop down or as radio buttons,

Then add another option called type or whatever and use “Text area” fro that feild. You can then enter an “inner hint” that will fill the box with greyed out text along the lines of…“type you engraving letters in here”

NOTE you can ad all these as global options to many products at once if better for you

we use a similar thing here Unpadded Hi Vis yellow Coat


Johnbol1 - thanks! Such a simple solution. Now I don't know why I didn't try that earlier.

Or you can try our Checkout Summary Fields addon which provides pretty good flexibility overall and is available for all versions of cs-cart.