Endorsement for Jesse Lee-Stringer

I just wanted to post a positive experience I had recently with forum member Jesse Lee-Stringer. We've moved four of our CS Cart websites to a dedicated server, and we hired Jesse to optimise the server to run CS Cart. We found him through the CS Cart forums here.

Also, Jesse installed a software firewall and performed security updates that our host seemed to have overlooked. For example, I think from memory our mysql version was out of date and Jesse updated it for us.

I have to say, our whole experience working with Jesse has been first rate. He is always quick to respond, and I couldn't be happier with the way our server is running.

I was going to post this under “Third Party Services” but I dont seem to have posting privileges for that section of the forum.

Anyway, if you need CS Cart to be performing better, or need the hosting environment tweaked, give Jesse a shout, he's worth every cent.




I will endorse that!! I agree with what you say 110%

Jesse is the No1 guy on here and probably elsewhere too!

He helped me a few years ago and I still owe him, and I will re-emburse him one day!!!

Jesse is one of the reasons that CS Cart is so sucessful and I hope he gets something in return from CS.

:mrgreen: :grin: 8)

Jesse knows his stuff! He is helping me with 3 of my sites and he is truly amazing.

He gets a Full endorsement from me.

AAA+ Rated in my book. :wub:

Yep, I'm right there with you guys. Jesse is great to work with and really knows his stuff. He has definitely been a huge help to me throughout the years.

Same here! Just like you Brandon! :)

Jesse, has done work for us in the past in a speedy manner. He's a good worker!