Enabling Gzip

I Have read a lot of things on the forum regarding gzip, and people saying that they are enabling it.

Are they enabling an add on or are they installing it? I looked in the add ons and it was not there. I have also downloaded the tar gzip file, but it looked like there was some other coding I needed to do before getting it to work.

How do I get gzip on my store? Any help would be appreciated.

You probably have it enabled already. This has to be done on your server and has nothing to do with cs-cart.

you can check it here: [url=“HTTP Compression Test / WhatsMyIP.org”]http://www.whatsmyip.org/http-compression-test/[/url]

If it's not working, mail your host or install smartoptimizer which will speed up your site massively and I think also turn on gzip using .htaccess

Hope this helps!

Hey Flow,

Thanks for the update, I'll have to check with my server. As for smartoptimizer, I tried to install that but it just messed up my layout and my pages all loaded in only text. What do your guys .htaccess files look like? Cause that is what caused the breakdown on my pages.

Check this out: [url=“Smart optimizer and Cs-Cart 3.0.2 - General Questions - CS-Cart Community Forums”]Smart optimizer and Cs-Cart 3.0.2 - General Questions - CS-Cart Community Forums