Enable Category Search

I’ve seen on a number of CS-Cart sites with the ability to have the customer select a category in a pull down box before typing in text for a product search. Is this an option that I can turn on? If so, where … I am unable to find this option.

(see image)



Can anyone help?

I think that was a feature in 1.3.5 and was removed in the 2.X versions. Supposedly, features and filters replaces this but there has been a clamor to have that back because there is no way to create a dropdown box in the filter ability now.

I believe there is a Bug Tracker out there for it if you want to search for it and put in your request to have that feature back.



It’s should be there by default. Try reloading the skin.

Tool is right. I don’t know how I missed that reading your post! I was thinking of the regular drop down of Manufacturers that is a filter instead of the drop down of Categories you were asking about. That will teach me to not pay attention!

So, here is the real solution for versions 2.x on.

When you are in the admin panel, go to the Administration tab, then Settings. Down at the very bottom of General Settings you will see Search Options, “Search also in.” There is an option to select Pages and Site News. Unselect these. It will then bring back the 'All Categories' function next to the Search box, provided you are using one of themes that has this function.

Is this in version 3.x.x possible?

Or is there an addon for category seaarch?

i have some problem with cs cart 4.0 please help ?